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Clearwater Hair Salon - Hair Stylist in Clearwater FL - Simply Hair by Fior

Call Simply Hair by Fior, your source for a Dominican Salon and Dominican blowouts, in Clearwater, Fl, located in Pinellas County. Simply Hair by Fior specializes in Brazilian Keratin Treatments, Domincan Blowouts, hair salon, and Dominican salon. We proudly serve residents in and around Clearwater and Dunedin, FL interested in Brazilian Keratin Treatments, Domincan Blowouts, hair salon, and Dominican salon. Our products and services are perfect for anyone in Clearwater, Dunedin, Belleair and Safety Harbor. Call or visit Simply Hair by Fior today!

Clearwater Hair Salon
  • Clearwater Beauty Salon
  • Hair Salon in Clearwater FL
  • Hair Stylist in Clearwater FL
  • Clearwater Hair Salon
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Hair Stylist Clearwater FL

Hair Stylist in Clearwater FL

Clearwater Beauty Salon - Simply Hair by Fior

Simply Hair fior is a Dominican Salon, that offers hair relaxer, hair coloring, hair highlights, body waxing, and the most Important, the Dominican Blow out and much more.

Not everyone has the proper training on how to cut hair and even so, it is difficult for a person to cut his or her own hair. We have witnessed several hair disasters from an operation gone badly when someone was trying to cut her own hair at home needless to mention, with the wrong equipments, which ended up in bald patches and uneven hair lengths. 

When this person decides to seek professional help, it’s usually too late and the hair stylist might not know what to do to save your hair situation. In the end, you end up shaving your head clean.

That is why it is important to have someone do it for you, someone who is well trained in that department in order to save yourself from such embarrassing situations.

At Simply Hair by Fior, we have highly trained hair stylist professionals to cut your hair however you want it to be. We also have the proper equipments even to cut the curly hair types which require a unique process, leaving the customer fully satisfied with the outcome. Arrange a first appointment with your hair stylist for consultations only before the hair-cit day so as to feel comfortable especially if it’s your first time in our salon. This will also allow time for preparation by your stylist in case your hair has unique features.

Make an appointment with us today to get the best haircut from our professional hair stylists that will leave you happy and looking beautiful both inside and out.

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